Mutual Sound Studio is a collective studio and audio laboratory for musicians, filmmakers and other artists. It contains a music studio with separated live and control rooms, a spacious lounge/kitchen space, an electronics workshop, a carpenters workshop, a painters studio and an office where we are at the moment hosting a visiting sculptor.

The music studio is 5.1 equipped and acoustically optimized for music productions and film sounds, combining the best qualities of both analog and digital domain.

The heart of the control room is a 24 channel Soundcraft 6000 analog recording console connected to a powerful 27″ iMac and three racks of various outboard preamps, compressors and effect processors.

The music room is equipped with an eclectic selection of instruments including two drumsets, a double bass, a cello, set of analog synths, a tonewheel Hammond organ, guitars, amplifiers, and all sorts of tins, bells and whistles.

The sound of the music room could be described as open, slightly resonant and woody giving the recordings a personal and lively character that is a cornerstone of unique Mutual Sound Studios signature sound.

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